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MACSNET with support from Legal Service Facility Tanzania, is implementing a 4 years’ legal Aid and Legal Education initiatives in all districts of Manyara region. The initiatives aim at enhancing capacities, quality and sustainability of district paralegal units to effectively provide support to citizens in need of legal aid, as well as providing legal education to the entire community. The ultimate goal is improved access to social, economic and cultural rights of citizens to contribute to their sustainable development.

Experience suggests that Resource Mobilization Plan is an important feature and parallel to Strategic Plan. In other words, planned activities should go in tandem with resources to implement them. This is the reason during 2018-22 plan is undertaken along Resource Mobilization Strategy. These Resource Mobilization Strategy up-take higher levels of accountability, transparency and governance of resources in our organisation on behalf of members, beneficiaries and member organisations.

Social Accountability Monitoring Localized

Since its establishment in 2007, the Manyara CSO Network coordinated and promote CSOs efforts through advocacy, capacity building, enhancement of good governance, facilitation of linkages and networking among development actors, including the Government of Tanzania. This strategy build-up is based on extensive stakeholder consultations and lessons and experience drawn from past Strategic Plan. The first part of the strategy gives a backdrop of the past Strategic plan (2012-2016) and corresponding lessons learnt.
The second part uses past experience to derive new Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022)