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MACS-NET wins to Justify MBNP IMPACT to the Community

MACS-NET in collaboration with Africare Tanzania is implementing the Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program in Hanang District Council and Babati Town Ccouncil in Manyara region. The program aims at reducing Maternal anemia and Child stunting by 20% in 2018. The program use Behavior Change Communication approach because we believes that behavior is the reason for almost all existing community health problems hence once changed the community shall be less susceptible to major health problems including maternal anemia and child stunting.
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MACSNET in collaboration with SNV is facilitating the Opportunity for Youth Employment (OYE) project in Mbulu TC and Mbulu DC. Opportunities for Youth Employment is a project which is implemented in collaboration between SNV Tanzania and MACSNET which provides out-of-school rural youth (18 – 30 years) with vital employment skills through training including basic life skills, technical training, business development and financial literacy.
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